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Ruby in Blue Kyanite is a potent, rejuvenating combination stone that balances the heart, facilitates heart-mind communication, connection, happiness and abundance. Known to amplify manifestation of goals and retention of wealth, Ruby in Blue Kyanite helps to overcome procrastination. It also supports lucid dreaming, dream recall and interpretation.

You will receive one Ruby in Blue Kyanite Tumbled Stone XL EQ from the lot pictured size approximately 26-29mm, 22-28g. These are extra quality Ruby in Blue Kyanite tumbled stones with plenty of Ruby dotted around a smoothly polished, vibrant Blue Kyanite base. Ruby in Blue Kyanite is a heavier stone and is sourced from India.

Ruby is an emotional harmonizer and a stone of passion and love. It encourages truth, soul alignment and the desire to follow one’s destiny.

Blue Kyanite is a tranquil stone of ascension and empowerment that aligns all chakras and amplifies high-frequency energies. It opens and brings nurturing energy to the throat chakra, making it an ideal crystal for anyone who seeks support with speaking, thought clarification and authentic communication.

Blue Kyanite facilitates the flow of spiritual energy and is an excellent, stabilising tool for deeper meditation. It also facilitates self-expression, communication, harmony and introspectiveness.