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You will receive one Oracle Card Deck: Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck by Ann Shen. These cards come with a guidebook and are brand new, unopened and sealed within the box.

Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck – Ann Shen

Creativity | Love | Balance | Courage | Reinvention

58 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You

Find your goddess within and tap into your inner strength with this empowering deck of 58 goddesses from beloved artist Ann Shen. The cards feature colourful portraits of female deities from around the world, and the accompanying booklet describes how you can invoke their unique powers in your own life. Let these legendary ladies lead you toward your ultimate destiny.

As someone who loves illustration, I was immediately drawn to this goddess deck. Each card captivates with beautiful imagery making you want to return to the deck repeatedly and get to know these inspiring goddesses.

Please note: the outer packaging is not sealed in plastic (this is how it is made). The inner liner box slides out and the cards and guidebook are shrink-wrapped inside. Please review the photographs for a closer look.

Overall, this is a unique, creative and inspiring oracle card deck. Highly recommended!


  • Select a goddess based on your needs, pull a card to let fate guide you, or do a full reading to discover what the universe has in store
  • A must-have for the modern mystic, priestess and feminist historian alike
  • Makes a great gift for anyone interested in spirituality, personal growth, mythology, or the Tarot


  • 58 full colour illustrated cards, each depicting a goddess and origin
  • 80-page booklet with descriptions of the deities and their mystical powers
  • Instructions on using the cards as a tool for self-discovery
  • Outer case and removable inner case liner with pull-out red ribbon
  • Coated satin matte card stock, flexible, smooth shuffling
  • Rounded card corners and edge-to-edge printing
  • High quality presentation with illustrated cards and packaging

About the Author:

Ann Shen is an illustrator and designer whose bright, whimsical work has been featured in publications around the world. Ann exhibits her iconic art at Renegade, WonderCon, and DesignerCon. Her clients include the New York Times, Huffington Post, Disney, and Facebook, among many others. She is also the author of Bad Girls Throughout History and Legendary Ladies. She lives in Los Angeles.

    Please note: The crystals pictured with the oracle cards are for display only and are not included for sale in this listing.

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