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Coppernite is a grounding Indian black combination mineral of quartz, feldspar, mica and hornblende. It is identifiable by the flashy, squarish coppery flecked crystal inclusions formed deep underground from slowly cooled magma.

You will receive one Coppernite Tumbled Stone XL from the lot as pictured size approximately 23-32mm, 19.2-22.4g. Coppernite is a heavier stone so the physical size looks more like a typical large stone as the stones are priced on weight. Each stone has signature copper flecks which are visible in different intensity when rotated

Coppernite is a practical tool for restoring sluggish energy flow and clarifying thoughts. Its earthy, stablising and balancing qualities are gently restorative and revitalising. When seeking wisdom and spiritual guidance, Coppernite supports channeling knowledge and information to clear blockages and assess past-life karmic connections.

Use Coppernite to balance the root chakra and carry as a talisman when looking to revitalise stagnant relationships and ideas that have plateaued requiring fresh consideration and renewed attention.

Also known as Copperlite, Northsite or Indian Nuummite, Coppernite is often mistaken for the ultra-rare Greenland Nuummite, an entirely different stone with similar appearance due to its golden, copper combination blue elongated streaked inclusions.